Simplicity is complex.

Design is a process

Aesthetic is a decision.

Style is everything.

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Welcome to my creative universe: Where art and innovation merge

I'm more than a fashion designer. I'm a creative mind with a bold, avant-garde vision of fashion and textiles. For me, fashion is not just a visual expression, it's a platform to provoke change through design. My journey in the fashion world is driven by passion: the passion for the art of creating and the conviction that essence and being must be in harmony. This passion ignites my senses, and creativity along with innovation are the fuel that has powered my career for 17 years. Here, in this corner of constant creativity, I embark on a mission to continuously reinvent the art of fashion. Each design is an original, audacious expression, destined to inspire the world. Join me on this journey where fashion is not just a medium of expression, but a powerful tool to change the rules of the game and leave a meaningful imprint on the industry.

in my senses

As a fashion and textile design professional

I firmly believe that fashion has the power to change lives and connect us to one another, because it is art, connection, culture and expression. It has the mastery, strength and positive essence to promote sustainability, ethics and social awareness. This is why I believe fashion must be accessible and inclusive. I am motivated to create, inspire, guide and collaborate with others in the pursuit of that awareness and ethical beauty.

I am a design enthusiast who finds motivation in connecting with people through aesthetics. I am driven to contribute to the industry’s progress with bold innovations and a humanistic approach. I believe in the transformative power of good design to improve lives.





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On the skin

"Essence Through Design"

My work explores the essence between aesthetics, functionality and meaning. I advise, design and guide processes that empower, that tell stories, that connect the being with their own humanity.

That is why they must be created not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be ethical, sustainable and have a positive impact.

Fashion and its process must integrate design, art, sustainability and social awareness. They must look good, feel good and do good. This is how they become a second skin that empowers those who wear them while generating awareness about the industry’s challenges.

Our Story

«I am passionate about the world of fashion, where creativity and innovation drive my ideas. My focus is on designing garments and creating experiences that not only reflect my vision but also generate joy and meaningful satisfaction, full of life.»

Our Mission

«My mission is centered around creating garments that embody an ethical philosophy, blending expressions of style, elegance, and originality. I am committed to guiding, teaching, inspiring, and collaborating with others in the industrial and production chain process, all in the pursuit of ethical consciousness and beauty.»

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Advisor and Consultant in Sustainable Fashion


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